PG life with a Roommate

Excited to start a new phase of your life, “THE COLLEGE LIFE”?
It is known to be the most memorable years of one’s life. We all must have heard a lot of gappe shappe about college life, especially about the fun & enjoyment with friends. Despite all the fun, we also need to make some crucial decisions in our life. The most important decision of all will be choosing a good roommate. Because you are going to spend the next 3 or 4 years of your life with them.

There are many benefits of having a roommate:

You will Save Money

Having a roommate or more than 1 can be a huge benefit in cost-cutting and managing expenses. Nowadays nothing is affordable and easily available. The contribution done by everyone will burden less on your pocket. You’ll divide your expenses evenly — rent, utilities, repairs, and maybe even other expenses like common supplies.

You will make unforgettable memories

College life with roommates teaches you a lot of other things like teamwork, helping your roommates, a sense of unity and adjustment etc. In a PG, a student meets with several other students of different cultures, religions and lifestyles! This helps them gain a different kind of experience with people!
A student tends to acquire many good qualities from roommates and other fellow friends. And at the same time, they are also vulnerable to the bad influence of others. One good student may become an example for the other 5 roomies.
When one is ill, all his fellows try their best to serve him. Mutual cooperation, sympathy, and love are characteristics of this life. It will not be an exaggeration to say that only a college is the place where an all-around development of personality is possible.

Independent and self-reliance

A student who is not under the control of his family develops a sense of independence and self-reliance. This can help him a lot in long run. Chores liking cooking and cleaning are a thing of necessity for everyone today and living independently can make you a pro in all the gharelu tasks!

Best Study Atmosphere

PGs tends to provide a fun learning environment for studies. Students realise their responsibilities towards their education and work hard to achieve goals. The environment also develops healthy competition and mutual co-operation among the roommates.

You won’t be alone

Living alone can be, well, lonesome. With a roommate, you’ll have a partner for studying late nights, fulfilling ice cream cravings, binge-watching, and what not!
You don’t need to wait for an invitation to do something. You’ll have an all-time go-to person to count on. You might even end up growing old together, God bless you!

Good roommates are hard to find, harder to leave, impossible to

forget and that midnight maggie also won’t taste as good without your roomie!

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