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Police Verification of Tenants – Mandatory or Optional?

When we talk about adulting, the first thing that comes to mind is moving out. Students travel across the country to study, and people move to different cities in search of new employment opportunities. During this exhausting process of change, there is another factor that cannot be neglected which is, a place to live, something like coliving spaces. Confused Student in the new city When you are just beginning your career or ...

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Coliving Culture in cities

Coliving spaces in India

It has always been considered that India is slightly conservative and traditional in its outlook and adaptation of western cultures. Our Indian culture and heritage have always been close to our hearts, and we hold our values dearly to our hearts. However, to call us conservative would be unfair. As Indians, we are excellent at adopting other cultures while maintaining our values and beliefs. The Coliving culture is no exception! What ...

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10 Best places to live in Gurgaon with your friends!

Gurgaon is a fast-emerging metropolitan city which is a financial, technological and trade hub adjacent to the national capital Delhi. It is an integral part of the NCR. This city is one of the popular combinations in the northern Indian state of Haryana and has seen immense economic and financial growth over the years. The Cybercity of India is a preferred destination for many home renters & homebuyers due to ...

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Top 5 English TV Series to watch with your roommate!

Living the PG life already? Or still struggling with the PG Accommodation services to find a decent room for rent? Once you are done finding, next phase comes, bonding with the roommate! One way to know more about your roommate is to together watch some amazing TV Series.  Finding a good series these days is like looking for a needle in a haystack, isn't it? In this scorching heat of India, ...

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PG life with a Roommate

Excited to start a new phase of your life, "THE COLLEGE LIFE"?It is known to be the most memorable years of one’s life. We all must have heard a lot of gappe shappe about college life, especially about the fun & enjoyment with friends. Despite all the fun, we also need to make some crucial decisions in our life. The most important decision of all will be choosing a good ...

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The BOOM in Paying Guest Culture

PG, the fancy abbreviation for the word paying guest, rather I’d say it isn’t merely a word for a large segment of the people. Being a paying guest in the megacity like Delhi, Chandigarh, Bangalore for the job, college or CA/ IAS/ PMT coaching, it has become more of a fashion now, a lifestyle. The lifestyle which is a perfect blend of self-reliance, great independence, little adventure and loads of ...

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We all know the financial value of travel. Plane tickets cost a lot of money, as do hotels and meals. But there is an emotional value when you invest in travel, too. I’m talking about the materialised stuff that strengthens the bonds of friendship and family, and continues to grow a long after a trip has been taken.After a lot of thinking and reading about this subject…. here are some ...

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